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High Point Surgery Center is jointly owned by a group of physicians (Surgery Center Associates of High Point, LLC (SCA)) and High Point Regional Health System.  The following physicians have an ownership interest in SCA and perform procedures at High Point Surgery Center:

SCA Owners
Christopher Bashore, M.D. David Moore, M.D.
Gary Biesecker, M.D. Timothy Mullins, M.D.
Douglas Blazek, M.D. Kenneth Shull, M.D.
Christopher Brumfield, M.D. Thomas Walsh, M.D.
Paul Coughlin, M.D. Mark Warburton, M.D.
James Dasher, M.D. Richard Weinbaum, DPM
Ralph Duckett, M.D. Edward Weller, M.D.
Andrew Eskew, M.D. Elliott Williams, M.D.
Kenneth Lennon, M.D. Christine Wright, DPM
Michael Lucas, M.D.