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We consider you a partner in your High Point Surgery Center healthcare.  When you are well informed, participate in treatment decisions, and communicate openly with your physician and other health professionals, you help make your care as safe and effective as possible.  High Point Surgery Center proudly works to respect your rights, values and dignity at all times.

As A Patient, You Have The Right To . . .

  1. safe and considerate care that respects your personal values, beliefs, and cultural and spiritual practices.
  2. be fully informed about your medical condition, possible treatments or procedures and the expected outcome.  You have the right to discuss this information with your physician prior to performance of your procedure.
  3. know the names and roles of people treating you.
  4. consent to or refuse a treatment, as permitted by law, throughout your High Point Surgery Center stay.  If you refuse a recommended treatment, you will receive other needed and available care.
  5. select a different physician at any time.  If you choose to change your physician, a delay or cancellation of your procedure may be necessary.
  6. have advance directives, such as a Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, or Advanced Instruction for Mental Health Care if you are 18 years old or older or are an emancipated minor.  Under North Carolina Law, these documents express your choices about your medical/mental health care or name someone who can make a decision regarding your care if you cannot speak for yourself.  If you have advance directives and bring them to High Point Surgery Center, your physician and anesthesiologist will discuss them with you prior to your procedure to clarify whether they will be followed before, during and after your procedure. For more information about North Carolina Law regarding advance directives and/or to request the state forms for advance directives, click here. You may also contact the Spiritual Care Department of High Point Regional Health System at 336-878-6069.  Additionally, you have the right to include or exclude family members from participating in your health care decisions.
  7. receive timely assessment and appropriate management of your pain while you are in High Point Surgery Center.
  8. privacy.  High Point Surgery Center, your physician and others caring for you will protect your personal privacy as much as possible.
  9. refuse the recording or filming of your care and to request that filming or recording stop at any time, even if you gave prior consent.
  10. access, request amendment, and/or receive an accounting of all disclosures regarding your personal health information and to have the information explained or interpreted to you within the limits of the law.
  11. review your medical records and to have the information in the record explained, except when restricted by law.   Review of your records may be restricted if the attending licensed healthcare professional determines that access may be injurious to you or another person.
  12. voice grievances regarding treatment or care that  is (or fails to be) provided.  Any suggestions or safety/quality concerns should be communicated to the  Administrative Director of High Point Surgery Center at 336-878-6328.  If you file a complaint with High Point Surgery Center, you will receive a written response to your complaint. You have the right to report a complaint to High Point Surgery Center’s licensure agency, North Carolina Division of Health Services Regulation, Complaint Intake Unit Section Chief, 2711 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-2711 and 1-800-624-3004 (within North Carolina) or 919-855-4500. You may also contact the Office of the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman at http://www.medicare.gov/ombudsman/resources.asp.  In addition, you may contact the High Point Regional Health System Regulatory Hotline at 336-878-6970.
  13. expect that High Point Surgery Center will give you necessary health services to the best of its ability. Treatment, referral or transfer may be recommended, but you will not be transferred until an appropriate facility agrees to accept you. High Point Surgery Center has a transfer agreement with High Point Regional Health System.
  14. know if High Point Surgery Center has relationships with outside parties that may influence your treatment and care.  These relationships may be with educational institutions, other healthcare providers (including physicians with ownership in High Point Surgery Center) or insurers.
  15. consent or decline to take part in research affecting your care.  If you choose not to take part, you will receive the most effective care High Point Surgery Center otherwise provides. 
  16. know about High Point Surgery rules that affect you and your treatment, and about charges and payment methods.
  17. have medical procedures and information explained to you in the language that you understand best.  If you do not speak English, a qualified interpreter will be provided for you when you and your healthcare provider determine this is needed.
  18. respectful, safe care at High Point Surgery Center, free from abuse and harassment.
  19. exercise any of these rights without being subject to discrimination, retaliation or reprisal.

As A Patient, You Are Responsible For . . .

  1. providing information about your health, including past illnesses and surgeries, previous hospital admissions, emergency department visits, medications and other relevant healthcare information.
  2. providing a copy of your advance directives to High Point Surgery Center, if such document(s) exist, and you choose to do so.
  3. asking questions and requesting additional information when you do not understand your care, treatment, services or what is expected of you. 
  4. participating with your physician and other caregivers in the development of your treatment plan and for following that treatment plan.  If you believe you cannot follow through with your treatment plan, you are responsible for telling your physician.
  5. providing information for insurance filing and for working with High Point Surgery Center to arrange payment.
  6. participating in educational and discharge planning activities necessary to ensure that you have adequate knowledge and services necessary to provide you with a safe environment upon discharge from High Point Surgery Center.
  7. recognizing the effect of lifestyle on your personal health. Your health depends not only on your High Point Surgery Center care, but also on the decisions you make in your daily life. 

Note: You and your visitors are responsible for being considerate of other patients and High Point Surgery Center physicians and staff, as well as being respectful of High Point Surgery Center property and the property of others.

If you are unable to exercise any of these rights or fulfill these responsibilities on your own, your appropriately authorized representative is entitled to exercise these rights on your behalf and is required to fulfill these responsibilities on your behalf to the best of his/her ability.